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Nifty Noodles and Drones Accomplished

We had a tremendous turnout for our first Nifty Noodle People event: Nifty Noodles and Drones. Organizers estimated the crowd to be around 40 people, and a variety of different technology on display. There was an amateur radio go kits, APRS displays, raspberry pi homebrew tablets, z-wave home automation and monitoring, and of course drones. […]

The Awesome List

The Awesome List

The noodles are maintaining an ‘awesome list’ of links to information online about drones.  It’s a great place to not only get started, but also to share what you know!

Nifty Noodle website is coming together.

I spent the entire weekend working feverishly on a new website for the “Nifty Noodle People”. For those interested, I went with WordPress for our backend, and I have probably tried around 2 dozen different themes or plugins before finally settling on the Eventica theme with “The Events Calendar” plugin. This combination of technologies will […]

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