Nifty Noodle website is coming together.

I spent the entire weekend working feverishly on a new website for the “Nifty Noodle People”. For those interested, I went with WordPress for our backend, and I have probably tried around 2 dozen different themes or plugins before finally settling on the Eventica theme with “The Events Calendar” plugin. This combination of technologies will allow us to put our upcoming events front and center. Visitors will not have to get bogged down with random blog posts (like this one), past events, or any other fluff in order to find out when the next event is, where it is, and also to RSVP or comment on the event.  From the people I’ve showed it to, everyone really likes the layout. I may be applying some of these features back on the website.

This platform also leaves room for expansion down the road. As our events grow and people start meeting with each other, we will be able to setup suggestion boxes for future topics, forums for discussion,  and post albums of pictures from past events. I don’t want to set any of these up just yet, I am waiting to see what people are interested at our first event in April. But feel free to leave comments below with what you would like to have on this Nifty Noodle People community site.

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