Nifty Noodles and Drones Accomplished

We had a tremendous turnout for our first Nifty Noodle People event: Nifty Noodles and Drones. Organizers estimated the crowd to be around 40 people, and a variety of different technology on display. There was an amateur radio go kits, APRS displays, raspberry pi homebrew tablets, z-wave home automation and monitoring, and of course drones. Participants were able to show off their projects, see other projects, meet with peers to get ideas for taking them further, eat pasta, and also to watch an exciting flight demonstration.

Mike Reed brought in 5 model helicopters, with sizes ranging from 16 inches to 5 feet long.  Mike takes his helicopters on shows all over the country. He wowed the crowd with his helicopter’s ability to zip around, fly sideways, upside, down, and perform flips. Unfortunately, there were no volunteers to have Mike provide them with a haircut. Mike is looking to start up a flying club in Bedford County. We will be posting more videos of his flying and contact information soon.

Ian Zimmerman came in with a BB8 Droid he has been building. Ian has constructed all the parts for the BB8 on his own 3D printer. He has setup a controller for the lights and audio using an arduino clone that he has programmed himself.  The head unit will “attach” to the body using magnets, allowing the body to rotate while the head remains stationary. He is still working on this project, with plans to soon start on the drive assembly and additional led status displays. We look forward to seeing his progress on this incredible project!


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