About Us

If you like to use your noodle, or brain, to think about nifty things like science, technology, engineering, or math, than you are a nifty noodle person. Join us at one of our nifty events to meet others like you that are also interested in nifty things. We bring out our gadgets to show off, eat pasta, and talk about whatever it is we happen to be noodling over.

Nifty Noodle People is a rebranding of the Bedford County Amateur Radio Society’s Skill’s Night.  Our goal is to bring together either technical or scientific people and build up a community around it. Generally speaking, if someone is interested in sciences or technology in our area, chances are that they would be going it alone in these endeavors. So our goal is to facilitate bringing these people together, encourage sharing, and ideally to inspire them to continue further in their interests.